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Brad KrantzBrad Krantz

In the words of the late, great WJM anchor Ted Baxter: "It all started at a 5000-watt radio station..." In Brad's case, that station was WTVN in Columbus, Ohio, his home town. Straight out of Ohio State University, class of '77 ... into the radio biz.... and the fun begins. From Columbus.. to Des Moines .. to Winston-Salem .. to Washington .. New York City .. Boston .. and the last move to Greensboro in 1987.

For the next decade Brad was the morning man on Rock 92 Radio in Greensboro, at which point he made the transition to become a talk show guy. First at WKEW in Greensboro, then at the legendary heritage talker WBT in Charlotte. There, he was honored in both 2002 and 2003 by being named to Talkers Magazine's 100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts in America list.

Brad's deep history in the Triad and his multi-format experience in radio are just the right combination to anchor mornings on FM Talk 101.1, WZTK.

Brad has lived in Greensboro for the past 17 years with his wife Jane and their two kids, David and Stephanie.